Oxford Handbook of the Economics of the Pacific Rim (Oxford University Press, December 2013)

Edited by Inderjit Kaur and Nirvikar Singh

Devesh Kapur and Manik Suri, “Chapter 11: Geoeconomics vs. Geopolitics: Implications for Asia”

Asia is witnessing a growing divergence between “geoeconomics” and “geopolitics,” centered around China. While China offers unparalleled near-term economic opportunities, cumulative decisions taken by thousands of American, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean firms are ironically helping to build these countries’ most formidable strategic competitor. Beijing’s growing competitiveness – and assertiveness – is forcing Asian nations to hedge against the risks created by deepening economic networks binding the region together.

Diaspora, Development, and Democracy: The Domestic Impact of International Migration from India (Princeton University Press, 2010)

By Devesh Kapur

Manik Suri, Content Editor

What happens to a country when its skilled workers emigrate? The first book to examine the complex economic, social, and political effects of emigration on India, Diaspora, Development, and Democracy provides a conceptual framework for understanding the repercussions of international migration on migrants’ home countries. Devesh Kapur finds that migration has influenced India far beyond a simplistic “brain drain”–migration’s impact greatly depends on who leaves and why. The book offers new methods and empirical evidence for measuring these traits and shows how data about these characteristics link to specific outcomes. The book also highlights a paradox–while international migration is a cause and consequence of globalization, its effects on countries of origin depend largely on factors internal to those countries.

College Matters Guide to Getting into the Elite College of Your Dreams (McGraw-Hill, 2004)

Edited by Jacquelyn Kung, Melissa Dell, and Joanna Chan

Kiran Gupta and Manik Suri, “Chapter 6: College Application Essays”

College Matters offers the guidance of 12 students who made it into their dream colleges. They share their expertise about the entire process, from first explorations, to estimating chances, through the practical work of reaching the goal. This book details what every high school student needs to know to optimize their chances of admission to the nation’s most selective universities.

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